Muriel Elizabeth Bowser The Mayor of Washington, DC

Washington DC

Muriel Elizabeth Bowser was born on August 2, 1972, in Washington DC. She is the eighth mayor of the District of Colombia. She got into the office with a Democratic Party ticket. Before she became the Mayor, she represented Ward 4 as a member of the council. Bowser succeeded Adrian Fenty after a special election in 2007. In 2008 she was re-elected as the mayor. In 2014 she defeated five candidates by 54.53% who contested against her for the mayor seat. Her being the mayor makes her the second woman to hold that position.
Elizabeth Bowser parents are Joe Bowser and Joan Bowser, in a family of six children she is the youngest. She grew up in North Michigan Park. She went to Elizabeth Seton High School where she graduated in 1990 and got a scholarship to Chatham College located in Pennsylvania, where she got a bachelor’s degree in history. Ms. Bowser went to American University of Public Affairs where she obtained her master’s in Public Policy. Ms. Bowser is a Catholic Chri…